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Unicorn party
united and fierce


election day 2024

Yes, This Is A Real Political Party !

Inform your opinion before you form it


This country currently works for a very small, extremely homogenous group of its citizens.

housing, quality education, healthcare, access to food and clean drinking water. these are all amenities that are freely available to those in our society who already have the most: wealth, privilege and influence.


but for the rest of us, these are considered luxuries. things that we must either sell our time and labor to attain, or die trying.


no more...

 it's time that we the people are prioritized.





The Unicorn Party is a newly established Independent Party, which you should expect to begin seeing on state ballots as early as next year. We are eager to announce Jasmine Sherman, as our Presidential Candidate for the 2024 election cycle. 
We know The United States has been an ongoing dystopian nightmare to many of its citizens at and since its inception. The gravity of the situation is why The Unicorn Party exists. Enough is enough. Who else is going to be hurt while those in power are turning a blind eye? We are a party not of impulse, but of acknowledgement, affirmation, and strategy.
The political oligarchy incites turmoil and racial divides amongst its masses, stripping us of our unity to maintain its image and perception of wealth across the globe. Life, Liberty, and Justice for All has always been a lie; pretty words that mean nothing for the majority. The narrators have changed the words again and again. They have given the USA a new script for our obedience, trading chains of genocide and enslavement for chains of debt, misinformation, health problems, and a myriad of forms to which no single name can be given any longer, and from which people may not find refuge.
Jasmine is a profound relief to those tired of the current political theater and ready for change. We will not wait for her to take office, we are starting to make changes now. We are utilizing direct action. We are putting long term movements into motion now.
We, The Unicorn Party, along with Sherman and our dedicated staff, have been developing policy in advance, so that we may rise to our coming offices with real plans for action instead of empty words. We are sharing these policies, and the work we are doing, with The People so they may be better informed about their voting options, and so they may take direction over this political stage, and recast the play. We are giving you back power like no other party has done in history.
Sherman gained traction through the popularized social media platform, TikTok, slaying the app with unfiltered finesse and determination. In less than a year Sherman managed to inspire, en masse, a following of more than 50k zoomers who are ready to bring ethics and change to the landscape of the United States. That’s the Sherman clock app, because Jasmine knew time was ticking and took matters into their own hands. They’ve more than earned our support. They’re ready to shake up the world of politics.
We are elevating the voters’ experience, bringing citizens together to work as a collective on pressing societal issues at the click of a button. 
It is not a mystery that the state of this country which the millennial and Z generations have been forced to inherit plays an even more destructive part in the prosperity of our future. The generations that created the side hustle, who simultaneously worked and got degrees, who are the most likely to be exploited, can’t pay to keep a roof over their heads long enough to feed themselves breakfast. Those citizens who will bear the brunt and weight of keeping this country moving forward are being drowned by the apathy of prior generations, and they have had enough. We have heard your voices, and we are your voice. The Unicorn Party is a direct representation of its constituents. It is by the people and for the people so that we may all see a brighter tomorrow. We even have our own app for the political party, where everyone is able to easily access information, news, policies, ask questions, debate our candidate, and so on. There is no other voter’s resource like this one that’s been launched before in our nation.
We have an uphill battle ahead of us, as Independents, which you well know. It is of utmost importance that we become known and grow now, today, for us to have a solid chance of our message being heard. This is necessary and overdue. Our policies and the changes we aim for are bigger than one single election. This is only the beginning.

 we believe that 
is a waste of time 

Thank you for your feedback!

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