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Report ADA Violations

  1. Click the image

  2. Provide an image, physical address, and entity name. 

  3. Submit 


We will file an Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) complaint for you against:

  • A state government or local government, such as a:

  • Public hospital

  • Public school

  • Other state or local government program


A private business that serves the public, such as a:

  • Restaurant

  • Doctor’s office

  • Shop

  • Hotel

Examples of ADA Violations

  1. No accessible entrance.

  2. Baby strollers in the wheelchair spot on city buses.

  3. Bathrooms not accessible.

  4. No van accessible parking spot.

  5. Cruise ship inaccessibility.

  6. Fired/Not hired because of a disability.

  7. Business owners refusing service dogs.

  8. Gas station doesn’t assist with pumping gas.

  9. Cluttered and narrow store aisles.

  10. Too steep/no curbs.

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