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Jasmine Sherman thinks she is the right kind of petty to change the narrative and the direction this country is going. A more current phrase may be to say that she is a baddie!

Who They Are!

Jasmine Sherman is the Executive Director of Greater Charlotte Rise, a 501c(3) organization, dedicated to immediate housing relief in Mecklenburg County. Jasmine is passionate about the community with a focus on supporting the housing insecure, children's education/welfare, and women's rights.

Why are they running?

  • She believes this country desperately needs fresh perspectives in policy  

  • She believes that there is more than enough wealth to go around and that a few bad actors are ruining the party for everyone so they can be mega-rich

  • She believes that everyone must do their part for this society to work

  • She believes taxes should go to improving people's daily lives, not offshore accounts and private yachts for a few

  • Caucasity gives us the audacity

  • She's bold, outspoken and can win!

  • She has an agenda to push

  • She craves attention and the spotlight

  • Why Not Her?

  • She is taking the money out of politics by running an entirely grassroots campaign 

  • The Book/TV Deal ('cause this personality it too much for one episode)

Candidate Attributes!

  • Leadership.  

  • Baddie

  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills

  • Analytical Skills

  • Dependability and a Strong Work Ethic (this doesn't extend to my for profit employment) 

  • Maturity and a Professional Attitude 

  • Not a basic bitch

  • Adaptable and Flexibile 

  • Petty

  • Good Personality

Candidate Stats!

  • Born in 1985

  • Agile Coach 

  • Masters Degree

  • BBW 

  • Doesn't Identify as Female but is a Woman

  • Brown Eyes

  • Atheist

  • Black

  • No Kids & Don't Want Kids

  • Poly- & Pansexual 

  • Leo

  • Three Dogs

  • Believes in the pursuit of passions (just don't hurt others)

  • Drinks, Smokes, & Enjoys Hemp Products

Rules of Engagement


We are going into this campaign with the understanding that we will encounter trolls. Political trolls are skilled and determined propagandists. Their strategy is to draw a response from public figures. They know that when public figures engage with abusive trolls to defend their reputation or their values - a normal behavioral response - this inadvertently spreads and legitimates the trolls' message and tricks social media algorithms into pushing it to a broader array of users' timelines. We would like both our audience and detractors to know we are playing quite a different game. We are petty and enjoy the online foolishness. We are going to enter these discussions without a 'win' or 'lose' mindset because, like them, we also want our ideas to be heard by as many potential supporters as possible.

Yes, we want to win & we are here for the work!

We want to address the real problems in our country. Jasmine Sherman resides in a state where lawmakers ditch town halls just so they don't have to encounter their constituents . . . but how do you serve the people when you don't know the people? Hell you won't even talk to them.

Our movement is different.  We believe there is no better way to empower citizens than to throw open the doors. We will meet with anyone who can make the time for a zoom call. “I don't want to talk to only people who like/love me, because I plan to represent everybody,” Jasmine says. “I refuse to be locked in an echo chamber like so many politicians are doing with their social media.” 

Don't Have capacity for a Town Hall?
No Problem! You Have Unfettered Access!


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