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Conventional Rights of Children

In recent years we have observed an increase in more communicative and supportive parenting techniques that allow children to better process their needs and emotions. The phenomenon that is “gentle parenting” is becoming a more widespread practice as newer generations dissect the advantages of having more thoughtful and capable individuals.

“Gentle parenting is a parenting approach that encourages a partnership between you and your child to make choices based on an internal willingness instead of external pressures”(guidepost montessori).

The parenting style removes corporal punishment for emotional support and accountability. Though traditionally as a society we have justified the use of actions like caning and spanking as discipline for children, the facts suggest that this doesn’t lead to the more capable adult (corporal punishment). Since the premise surrounding the having of children is for the future of our nation, doing everything in our power to ensure the progress and maintenance of this country is paramount. This would mean that for the past few centuries we have been inhibiting our overall growth and development as a society due to not applying humanity in our parenting and education.

Considering children, the future humans meant to foster our ever developing society, we would like to extend them the kindness of learning in a healthy manner in the home and in school. The conventional rights of the child is that they are learning human beings and deserve to be treated with respect.


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