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Letter from the Candidate

My name is Jasmine Sherman, and if there's anything life has taught me it's that progress rarely comes from those who are already comfortable. There's nothing an oligarch wants except MORE and they want it from us. While some of us are out here fighting for the right to live and breathe, I figure…it's past the time to be fed up. We the People should have the audacity to say we deserve better. I have the audacity to be better. I know I am better… for real I am, so I am running for President. You don't have to agree, you can vote in the next election the way you like. What I will say, though, is start putting the pressure on.

Today, sometimes you just have to have the audacity. Oh, you think I am playing. I have watched the entire 2-party system support the audacity of corporate America while ignoring the needs of its citizens. The audacity to not provide you with a wage to live but still expect your dollars to run the country. Let's not even talk about the indecision surrounding the Rona and the insurrection mess we are still contending with.

Every goddamn election cycle it is the same. They parade a bunch of well spoken, legal degree having, pale skinned candidates in front of us representing a color…then trying to tell us which color we should like more and then they keep us so busy with day to day work life that we vote for a damn color and not what we need. We vote elephant or jackass and still come out face down ass up because they want to keep it that way. I'm not about that life. The intentions of your politicians shouldn't be hidden behind confusing jargon you'll never understand. Your needs and voting power should always carry the most weight. No one should be stopping you from making the most informed decision…as this country has.

We all deserve to be able to live, if you think some people don't start asking yourself why? Ask yourself why people shouldn't be afforded basic human rights. Ask yourself why "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness" should be something you are killing yourself to be in possession of rather than an unalienable right. You should be able to live and that means access to housing, water, food and healthcare. Let’s reset to pursue all opportunities to make you happy. All work is essential, and one person's happiness shouldn't have to look like someone else's.

The people of the United States aren't a monolith. We are a collection of cultures, diverse minds, and varying abilities that can all play a role in a society that prospers. A society doesn't prosper by stifling greatness. Look around, we aren't prospering now. I want to give you every opportunity to succeed.

Oh, but Jasmine, that's just a fantasy…it will never work. George Bernard Shaw said "Some men see things as they are and say why. I dream of things that never were and say, why not?" So why the hell can't we? I have registered for this, I have established a political party, I have a campaign staff, I am ready to debate others who also want change. Actual change. I'll say it again. WHY NOT?

We can make a difference and each of us has nothing to lose. Really, we don't have anything to lose. The upper echelon is already consuming it all. We can stay the same and hope for the best or say enough is enough. We have the power to hit reset.

If you want any positive change in this country of ours, for regular people, keep tabs on me. I am with the Unicorn party. We aren't working to simply seat me in the white house, but to put better asses in chairs at the local, state, and congressional levels. To be honest, watch us even if you're not trying to change anything. You might just get a kick out of it. However, we are here to move mountains with the minds of the many…and we can. The first black person in a tailored suit who changed the political landscape of the US said "yes we can"...This baddie, right here…yes the one standing in front of you says "yes we will!".

Do or do not, America, there is no try. Let's get this Unicorn Party Started!


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