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Recall Judge Bruce Schroeder!

Judge Bruce Schroeder has alternately drawn cheers and criticism from legal experts and other observers of the Kyle Rittenhouse trial.

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Catch Up with Becky Sullivan: As the nation awaits a Kyle Rittenhouse verdict, some raise eyebrows at the judge.

Pros and Cons

A further argument in favour of direct democracy is that it provides voters with the continued opportunity to make a democratic decision about who governs them, since they do not have only one opportunity every three to five years to elect the people who will represent them, but retain a degree of control over the decision for the duration of the office.

However, it is claimed by opponents of the recall that the mechanism could be used irresponsibly, and that it could be used by political parties as a political weapon against rival incumbents. The claim that the recall mechanism was being used as a political tool was made by many Democrats against Republican activists in relation to the 2003 California Recall.

Call to Action

Judge Bruce Schroeder has demonstrated on multiple occasions that he is not fit to make fair judgements on this case. His continual insistence that Rittenhouse be allowed to walk free shows that he puts no value in the safety of the public. His decisions in this matter have unequivocally proven that he needs to be removed. If he cannot take something as severe as hate crimes resulting in murder seriously, how can we expect him to make fair judgments in any other trial?

This petition, upon receiving enough signatures, will be sent to the Wisconsin State House. We will demand that they remove Judge Bruce Schroeder from his seat and this case in the interest of the safety of not only the people of Illinois and Wisconsin, but for all Americans.


Recall is a procedure that allows voters to reconsider their choice of elected official before the end of the official’s term. A recall requires an elected official to run for his or her office a second time. If the official is defeated in the recall election, he or she is removed from office and replaced by the winning candidate.

The recall process involves registration of intent to recall, circulation of a recall petition to collect signatures from eligible voters, filing of a completed petition, and scheduling of a recall election. An elected official cannot be subject to recall until he or she has been in office for at least one year, and only one recall petition may be filed against an elected official per term . [Wis. Const. art, XIII, s. 12, and s. 9.10, Stats.] An elected official serving in Congress, statewide office, judicial office, or county office may be recalled for any reason. However, a local elected official may only be recalled for a reason related to his or her official responsibilities.2

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