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Remove Woman and Child Endangering Judge Matthew Murphy of Niagara Falls from the Bench!

Power to the people!

Judge Matthew J. Murphy III


Catch Up with Hannah Buehler: Group files complaint against judge in Belter case

Pros and Cons

A further argument in favour of direct democracy is that it provides voters with the continued opportunity to make a democratic decision about who governs them, since they do not have only one opportunity every three to five years to elect the people who will represent them, but retain a degree of control over the decision for the duration of the office.

However, it is claimed by opponents of the recall that the mechanism could be used irresponsibly, and that it could be used by political parties as a political weapon against rival incumbents. The claim that the recall mechanism was being used as a political tool was made by many Democrats against Republican activists in relation to the 2003 California Recall.

Call to Action

Judge Matthew Murphy III of Niagara Falls, NY has allowed a dangerous person, Christopher Belter, to not serve any prison time and has given him eight years parole even though he committed four acts of violent crime and he broke his first parole. Here in western New York we have Black, Hispanic, Native American men, as well as impoverished and working class White men, who have served longer prison sentences for non violent offenses.

We, as New Yorkers, feel Judge Matthew Murphy III is not giving due justice to survivors.

Demand NY Gov Kathy Hochul remove Judge Matthew Murphy

New York State does not have recall elections, so we must demand that Governor Kathy Hochul take appropriate action and remove Niagara County Court Judge Matthew Murphy from the bench. Justice should not be variable based on wealth or ethnic group, not in California, not in New York, not in the United States.

(#JasmineSherman2024 #Dream #FatSocialist)


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