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Unicorn Party Energy Policy

Energy Overhaul to Conserve the Environment

Currently, 87% of global CO2 emissions come from the fossil fuel industry, which also supplies 80% of the world's energy. As a side effect of this, global warming and climate change has ravaged the world, threatening the state of our ecology, sustainability, and ability to survive over the next few centuries, or even decades. As such, changes must be made in order to supply the people with abundant, sustainable, renewable energy that eliminates as much carbon emissions as possible while also contributing to the active efforts to replenish and heal the environment.

Nuclear energy, once thought of as dangerous, has come an extremely long way. As it stands, nuclear power is the safest possible energy source, at much less cost to nature, and could provide thousands of much-needed jobs to Americans, regardless of education level. With this would come the revising of current, outdated energy grids, in order to prevent such tragedies as the crippling winter storm we suffered in 2021. With the addition of new technologies such as thorium reactors, nuclear power remains our most reliable option in order to heal the damage that has been caused to our planet and our economy, while also providing much needed energy to otherwise low-income areas.

This would also, of course, allow for the continued use of other Eco-friendly energy sources, such as hydroelectricity, wind farms, and geothermal plants. By taking power away from oil and coal corporations which continue to suffocate the earth, this new energy plan would ensure that the marginalized can be taken care of in regards to their energy needs.

  • Implement a nationwide plan to develop nuclear plants in low-income and energy deprived regions, while converting fossil-fuel using cities and suburbs over time.

  • Establish and train a new workforce and provide income to disenfranchised homes.

  • Extremely reduce our carbon footprint while drastically improving our energy reserves.

  • Restore the environment in areas suffering from oil drilling, fracking, and fossil-fuel based deforestation.

  • Stabilize and safely dispose of nuclear waste through methods such as vitrification, satellite disposal, or deep burial in ecological dead zones. <-- Regarding further sustainability of nuclear reactors. <-- Regarding how nuclear aids biodiversity and ecological conservation <-- Graphical breakdowns and comparisons of multiple energy sources <-- Information on proposed Neutron reactors (not necessary, but could be useful information) <-- In regards to financing the construction of nuclear plants. (Take note of the bit about Mankala. Finland is using it to great effect and seems very socialist.) If any changes are needed, please let me know. It can be shortened or cut down however you see fit. I'm pretty excited to be contributing to something this important!

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