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Unicorn Party: UBI Breakdown By State

Abstract When a majority of people are living paycheck to paycheck, working in poor conditions, and paying someone else's mortgage, something must be done. UBI will address all of these problems and offer opportunities that have so far been in sight but out of reach. Intro The cost of living keeps going up while minimum wage stays the same. Corporate entities abuse, underpay, and mistreat their employees without consequence, because the majority can't afford to be unemployed. They are already living paycheck to paycheck (64% in 2020, according to a LendingClub report). Money comes in and it is immediately spent on bills, groceries, gasoline, and if you're lucky- maybe one single item off the ever-growing checklist we all keep of necessary car repairs, or replacements for cheaply-made, breakable necessities (which you only own because you can't afford the good version). Universal Basic Income The answer is Universal Basic Income (UBI). UBI will not only boost families' security and stimulate the economy; it will also motivate employers to earn their employees commitment and labor with improved working conditions, benefits, and pay. UBI is a monthly monetary disbursement paid either by direct deposit or by check to the same place you'd get your tax return. How is UBI calculated? There are three variables used in our calculation

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