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Warrior Training/Police Training & Abolishing Cops

Philando Castile…Atatiana Jefferson...Aura Rosser… What do they have in common? Yes, they were all killed at the hands of cops, but it’s more than that. They were all victims of a heinous ideology that has spread throughout police departments, and even federal law enforcement & military agencies, for the last 2 decades. What if I told you cops were being trained in ‘killology’? Or that cops are being indoctrinated to believe, and I’m not exaggerating here, that they are a “god-ordained” separate class of citizens with a “natural gift of aggression” to protect “sheep”, or normal citizens, because cops are “sheepdogs”. This training program, led and founded by the appropriately named Dave Gossman, is called Warrior Mindset training, and it has been deployed all over the country. Mr. Gross Man advises cops to find an overpass and imagine themselves wearing a cape that is flowing in the wind, like they’re some kind of small-town superhero facing a world of villainous monsters. This is just the tip of the extensive Us-Vs-Them police training iceberg, and is right in line with this country’s history of blatantly using cops to kill citizens, especially and overwhelmingly people of color. Ft. Worth P.D. received Warrior training 1 year before Atatiana Jefferson was murdered. St. Anthony P.D. received it 2 years before Castile was killed in front of his girlfriend and child. Michigan Police Chiefs attended this program “every year” leading up to the murder of Aura Rosser. And Warrior training is just 1 program in an entire industry of similarly morally-bankrupt ideologies that P.D.’s use to train cops… This indoctrination of cops to approach situations as if they were in a warzone coincides with the militarization of police dept’s nationwide over the last 30 years, and it’s time for a change. When I’m elected in 2024, we will abolish police, replacing them with a combination of mental health experts, social workers, and accessible healthcare & therapy for all communities, as well as using the Nat’l Guard for any criminal activity that threatens the safety and well-being of all citizens.

We need to put an end to murders at the hands of police, and I will see to it that our communities never have to mourn a brother, a son, a mother, or a friend,,, ever again..


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